Landscape Design Guidelines
Dartmouth College
Hanover, New Hampshire

The Dartmouth campus is unique. Even after two hundred and thirty-six years of growth, it continues to express its colonial heritage. The preservation of that legacy is critical to the preservation of Dartmouth’s identity. Yet, the campus is ever changing, continuously evolving to meet the needs of its contemporary occupants. Working closely with the Facilities Planning Office and the Department of Facilities Operations and Management, Saucier + Flynn developed a comprehensive set of Landscape Design Guidelines and Campus Standards & Specifications.

Developed in conjunction with the Campus Landscape Master Plan, the Landscape Design Guidelines are intended to guide the renewal and expansion of the campus landscape by protecting the campus’ authentic sense of place while also providing enough flexibility for modern expression and the incorporation of contemporary values. The Campus Standards and Specifications set forth a series of policies, procedures and construction standards to ensure that landscape installations are of the highest quality, respect the established character of the Dartmouth campus, provide for public safety and are economical to install and efficient to maintain.